Everything Created Within Nature & the Whole Universe is acheived with Only 3 things

My name is Jon De'Pew and in the year 2003 and after a long journey of searching and resisting the urge to give up numerous times, I have discovered a visual symbol or better said A visual "MATHEMATICAL FORMULA" and I have been sharing it with everyone ever since. It is the "MATHEMATICAL FORMULA FOR CREATION " Given as a" VISUAL FORMULA "ALL OF THE MATH of SACRED GEOMETRY and ENERGY IS WITHIN THIS SINGLE VISUAL FORMULA..

Ed Leedskalnin the builder of Coral Castle , a muti-ton coral/stone complex located in Homestead Florida has left a subtle visual design on the cover of his book"MAGNETIC CURRENT" before he died (Copyright1945 version).

I had discovered back in 2003 that this tiny clue that Ed Leedskalnin and our ancient ancestors have left for us will unravel into theanswers to our Universe's greatest mysteries. Ed Leedskalnin and our ancient ancestors left behind the segmented blueprints of nature, a Secret Knowledge of the Ancients.

​It is the true basis for all atomic structures within the UNIVERSE and it's CREATIONS.

So in 2003 I created this website to put an end to all those misunderstandings through history , and once and for all set the world straight as to what all those things really were and how it can instantly make the world have a complete understanding of ENERGY as a WHOLE .

I never have just claimed these discoveries I've made as being true without  proving each aspect with real individual hard work in the form of  original scientific experiments.

All of these titles are commonly considered as separate things , separate parts of Science and creation.

WELL the TRUTH is this > 




 of MATTER". 

This BASE template of ENERGY represents every single aspect of our universal manifestations of ENERGY and MATTER. MOST IMPORTANTLY >  In it's COMPLETE FORM.

People will now be able to see the true genius behind this man Ed Leedskalnin and the ancients who had learned natures biggest secret. And left it for us in a "VISUAL MATHEMATICAL FORMULA" This formula is a hidden segmented blueprint of natures two magnetic currents & neutral particles of matter.These THREE THINGS are the base of all structure and creation within our Universe.

This being said you should realize it's the "BASE UNIT" of ALL "ENERGY". 

When you examine this blueprint far enough there is an underlying pattern within it, that I think of as 

ley lines or (neutral energy distribution lines).

I think this is where the two individual magnets are running at the same speed and in the same direction with little obstruction,Communicating freely with each atomic magnetic center .

These two magnetic curves of Ed Leedskalnin and our ancient architectures visual symbols represent the interaction between Two Individual North and South magnetic currents and the Neutral particles of matter they orbit as a common core.

This now revealed blueprint is a perfect match to the clues left behind by so many ancient cultures

such as the Golden Section, Golden Mean ,Golden Ratio, Phi, Pi, Squaring the Circle, Flower of

Life, Time measurement among so many other titles .

I have found the same clues of this lost science in all the main cultures around the globe, on every continent. What is this blueprint of ENERGY leaving us with? It is that this ancient science.

Sacred Geometry is really representing an advanced knowledge of Two Magnetic Currents and

the Neutral particles of matter, they orbit as a common core.This force Ed called the Cosmic Force.

The ancient's called it the "Flower of life" or the "Golden Section," and again "Squaring the Circle"

or BOTTOM LINE is >Sacred Geometry is really representing 2 individual magnetic currents & the

Neutral particles of matter..

Ed & our ancient's message reveals this hidden science to be the understanding all of natures forces within creation. From a nano level up to the structure of our universe itself.

This simple clue Ed Leedskalnin left on the cover of his book Magnetic Current , as well as all of the ancient sacred architecture is revealing the same VISUAL FORMULA / BLUEPRINT of ENERGY. 

THIS TEMPLATE is key to opening up the most sought after mystery of the world.

Two Individual N & S Magnetic Currents and the Neutral Particles of matter that form all of nature !! 

They are the Blueprints to all Creation. 

Simplicity in these two currents will blossom into glorious complexity that becomes a blueprint of our universe and it's base form of energy, and how it's very "elastic magnetic current tentacles" stretch out in vortex motions,

it is the construction and destruction process within the fabric of creation. 

Science says energy is canceled when Positive and Negative meet, but as Ed said there is still something there when the electric is not. 

Ed Leedskalnin said science is misled by this false Electron/Proton principle , He said there are no electrons as perceived, 

(Ed's quote: >" The trouble with physicists is they use indirect and ultra indirect methods to come to there conclusions. If the inventor of Electrons had a vacuum tube in which his electrons could run close to the top 

of the vacuum tube from the West side of the cathode to the East side of the Anode and then hang a vertically hanging magnet that is made from 3 inch long hard steel fishing wire , then hang one magnet pole at a time right on top of the middle of the stream of Electrons then he would see the North pole magnet swing North and the South pole magnet swing South. The same thing will happen over any wire with electricity running through it."THOSE 2 VERTICALLY HANGING MAGNETS > "PROVE ELECTRICITY IS COMPOSED OF 2 DIFFERENT BUT EQUAL FORCES "

Ed Leedskalnin said the electron theories are wrong and have misled millions of people from the truth. Ed Leedskalnin also mentions the instruments for measuring are all one sided. Ed Leedskalnin wanted to call it magnetricity and he would then accept it. His understanding was of two individual magnetic currents of equal force, North & South pole magnets and the Neutral particles of matter. He said they can ONLY run if North and South pole magnets are whirling against each other and they run in a screw like right hand twisting motion (vortex motion). Ed Leedskalnin wrote in his book Magnetic Current: "Today , Yesterdays sunlight are the Neutral particles of matter." 

Development or growth in all of nature is by means of magnetic centripetal & centrifugal forces of Two individual magnetic currents and the neutral particles of matter. The vortex motions are throwing out and pulling in North & South individual magnets, the magnets that are lost are instantly replaced. For all that was lost was gained back instantly. North and South come back to there own kind of magnet pushing it's same kind of magnet continuing the orbits movements, rejoining the individual perpetual orbits. The metal is not the magnet substance, it is just holding more magnets flowing through it then other things. We are contained in the Earths magnetic field. Magnetic currents flow through metal easier then the air. Magnetic energy flows through each and everything here on earth, but each and everything allows different amounts of it and reacts differently due to the interactions and resistance of the magnets which make up that matter. All matter is held together by atoms and all atoms are held together by two individual magnetic currents. Ed tells usatoms should be constructed as the Earth , with 2 separate magnetic poles. 

Two magnetic currents are the fabric of what is holding together everything in our universe including the ATOMS themselves, this is what builds and holds an Atom into a structure. The Ancients knew this fantastic secret as did Ed Leedskalnin and there is a ton of evidence.

Be Sure to understand this discovery has given us the true meaning of Sacred Geometry and that it is a representation of two magnetic currents.  Presently some people & their websites have tried to hijack this discovery from my own original work.

Be sure to know it was presented here first. Now it is spreading through the world very quickly.

This website has opened up a new world of exciting possibilities of investigation and at the same time also ties together many half complete existing theories and conclusions with many researchers in history and now at present. 

When observing the illustrations at my website regarding this symbolic TEMPLATE, If you look close you will see the tubes that connect each center, this seems to be what these magnetic structures of nature use to harmoniously / HARMONICALLY distribute these energies within themselves and beyond. When these magnetic structures connect to other magnetic formations, they attach into a whole network linking all the centers to each other forming Harmonic grid patterns that unite all into one unit. Once the Magnetic patterns have developed into whole structures and then merging them as a circuit (every connection made) attached to another circuit you will see many more doors open to this ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE of energy in it's truest form. The underlying grid pattern begins to form. This is built into the structure of this energetic template or blueprint.

 The connections between Science and Religions of all cultures are made with this discovery. There are only three things the whole universe needs to have for all of it's majesty. Northpole magnets & Southpole magnets and they are orbiting Neutral particles of matter > Northpole / 0 /Southpole 
It is the substance of creation and of life itself.

It is alive and It never dies. It is never created and never destroyed.

It has no beginning and no end.

Now I will tell you to take a good look at what is thought to be a simple AC generator that Ed Leedskalnin built, It is so much more then anyone is realizing..it is a brilliant design from a brilliant man, a machine that compliments an understanding of natures energy at it's very "BASE UNIT". 

Since this websites beginning there have been many attempts to hijack the discoveries made here. Below is an example of one of them .. don't be fooled by them .. an example of complete nonsense and a waste of researchers time and energy is Ed's immigration numbers 7129 / 6105195 . They are ONLY Ed's immigration numbers > nothing more.